Book Coaching Plan

For writers seeking a committed editor who can support them during the book writing process.

RoseWrite's book coaching services are made for those in need of guidance while they are in the thick of planning and writing their book. Going beyond standard substantive editing services, this process is carefully structured to create an environment of accountability, inspiration, and support where writers need it most. Put your pen to paper with the confidence that comes from having a professional editor in your corner every step along the way.

What's included?


This service plan is billed in monthly intervals, in which you will receive a comprehensive edit of up to 10,000 words.

  • Varies by service. Visit the contact page to receive an estimate.


Whether you have a partial draft or are just now getting started, this plan is designed to meet you where ever you are in the process.

  • Assessment of current materials: Unlike a traditional manuscript evaluation, this is an assessment of your current draft as well as any supplemental notes. My goal at this stage is to familiarize myself with your project and provide guidance on how to organize your current and planned content.
  • Outline and summary development: You will be guided through several outlining processes designed to help you establish a table of contents, chapter outline, and synopsis.
  • Voice assessment: I will conduct an in-depth assessment of your voice and style to ensure that your future drafts are consistent and make use of the strongest aspects of your writing style.
  • Next Steps: With each round of feedback, I will provide you with a list of next steps designed to help you prioritize tasks that will move you toward your publishing goals efficiently and effectively.
  • Revisions: You will be welcomed (and encouraged) to submit revisions at key points of the coaching process. Once all material has been submitted, I will conduct a copy edit of your final draft. 

1:1 Support

  • Two 1-hour calls per month to discuss feedback, questions, and next steps
  • A recording of our calls


  • In-line comments, beginning with big picture elements, gradually shifting to line edits as your manuscript is developed
  • Two editorial letters per month, addressing the in-line comments as well as any questions or requests made during the intake process
  • With each deadline, you will receive a curated list of resources and/or exercises designed to help you meet your publishing goal


  • $650 per month

When is book coaching most valuable?

I've tried peer review, but I need dedicated 1:1 support.

Perhaps the traditional writing environments aren't working for this project. The peer review process was chaotic. Too many chats and not enough craft-focused conversations. Too many opinions tugging you in the direction of their style rather than helping you strengthen your own. You want to narrow your scope to a focus of one. You need advice from a calm, professional source, whose attention is undivided.

With book coaching, you will get the detailed analysis, perspectives, and craft-centered discussions that make writing courses valuable, but without any of the attention-sharing or inflexible scheduling that comes with group writing sessions.

There's so much to keep track of. I keep jumping from one task to another and haven't finished anything. I need a clear goal to work toward. I need to be accountable.

You have taken creative writing courses or workshops and you feel you did great work there, but you don't know how to recreate that writing environment on your own? Maybe you're used to writing articles and short form content and are having difficulty finding time to write without the tight turnarounds. You're looking for goals and deadlines that can motivate you when "I promised myself" isn't enough to keep you writing.

As your book coach, I act as a form of accountability partner that is here to keep you on task and motivated. Unlike group or "buddy" writing systems, where you have to divide your time to ensure everyone's manuscript has been read and reviewed, a book coach can provide the structure you need without adding peer review work to your busy writing schedule.