Copy Editing Plan

Sentence-level editing for writers who need in-depth revision of their mechanics and grammar.

Copy editing is most beneficial to writers who have finished revising their content and are now ready to focus on technical components like grammar, style, and usage. Using in-line feedback and Track Changes, I work to ensure these revisions are as clear and painless as possible.

Please note that I edit according to the most recent edition of the Chicago Manual of Style and U.S. English conventions by default.

What's included?


  • 6 weeks for manuscript of approx. 80,000 words
  • Rush rate is available upon request

1:1 Support

  • One 1-hour call to discuss feedback, questions, and next steps
  • A recording of our call


  • In-line comments focusing on the consistency, readability, and grammatical accuracy of your manuscript
  • Editorial letter addressing the in-line comments as well as any questions or requests made during the intake process.
  • A curated list of 3-5 follow-up resources and/or exercises designed to help you meet your publishing goal


  • $1,295 for 40,000 words or less
  • $1,852 for 60,000 words or less
  • $2,476 for 80,000 words or less
  • Manuscripts over 80,000 words will be charged +$275 for every additional 10,000 words

Have any questions about the copy editing plan? Ready to dive in? Visit the contact page to schedule your free consultation call.

When is copy editing most valuable?

I'm finishing my manuscript, but I've been looking at this document for so long that I'm afraid I'm missing something obvious.

Have you ever sat down to write and been struck by sudden inspiration? Were you writing so fast that you didn't have time to process what you were saying? Maybe you've revised this draft so many times that you're worried your shuffling and rewriting left some sentences unfinished. Regardless of how you got here, you're at the end of a draft! You've done the heavy lifting, now it's time to polish your manuscript. 

I'm here to give you the peace of mind that comes from having a professional editor catch those embarrassing typos, misused words, or "Frankenstein" sentences that can occur when you've been writing in the heat of the moment.

I've been told by a beta reader that my phrasing or grammar is improper or redundant, but I think my manuscript might be right in this context. I need a professional opinion.

Have you ever had someone look over your work and give you feedback that you couldn't figure out? You feel that they didn't understand the context, or maybe it's a matter of grammatical preference. You don't want your readers to have the same confusion, but you're confident that your passage is correct.

My goal with every project is to see the manuscript from the perspective of the ideal reader. This can include making sure that nontraditional punctuation, grammar, and spelling are consistent according to your style and intention. I want to help you maximize your manuscript's accuracy and readability for the readers that matter most to you.

When is copy editing less effective?

I want to clean up my draft for beta readers, but I am still seeking feedback and making substantive revisions.

You've had the chance to reread your draft and even send it out to a few trusted readers only to discover some glaring typos and trailing sentences

Although I can understand the wish to have a clean draft, I highly recommend that you wait until you are done revising content for the foreseeable future. Any material you rewrite or relocate will potentially introduce new errors to the manuscript.